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Kid’s Chiropractic

Children are at the beginning of their path in life and it’s important to have them checked. We often forget that children have the same spine and nervous system as adults.

Chiropractors adjust children-chiropractic care can include a wellness component. Chiropractic care can help pregnant women experience a higher quality labor and delivery, as many women report back to their chiropractor that their labor was easier and their pregnancy practically pain-free after seeking pre-natal chiropractic care.


Why should I bring my child to a chiropractor?

The spine develops rapidly in the first 10 years of life. It is highly affected by the falls and injuries common in those years and the repetitive movements that occur the following eight years (backpacks, increased computer usage and poor posture). Like dentistry, many parents see the benefits of providing preventative care for their children and see this as an important role in their child’s overall health and wellness. It is beneficial and ideal for development throughout the major stages of growth.


Should I be worried that my child could be hurt by a chiropractic adjustment?

Absolutely not! We always use safe and gentle techniques adapted for babies or children.


When should my child have their first chiropractic check-up?

The first trauma we all go through is the birth process; it can cause stress to the infant’s spine and may impair nerve function which can contribute to dysfunction. As babies grow they begin to crawl, sit and walk by using their spine. Chiropractic is safe for children and only very gentle and specific techniques are used. Therefore, there is no minimum age for a child to have their first check-up or adjustment.

Dr. Rai and his team of certified doctors also work with the Langley Child Developmental Center, which assists children with special and developmental needs to reach a higher level of health. Through workshops and events, they have also spent years helping parents understand the important and lesser known aspects of their children’s health.

Dr. Parm Rai is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and is Webster Technique Certified. For more info please visit


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